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Hu was born in Guangdong.  In 1928, He enrolled in Shanghai Humanities Art University.  He enrolled in the Hangzhou Fine Arts Academy, and studied painting under Lin Feng-Mian.  In 1930, he had the opportunity to study in École Nationale Superieure De Beaux-Arts, Paris and learned to paint under Lu Simon.  The work “Self-Portrait”, “Still Life” was still collected by France Spring Salon.  After he graduated from École Nationale Superieure De Beaux-Arts in Paris, he returned to China and devoted himself to education.  He held solo exhibitions in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Kunnming since 1980.  At the same time, Hu Shanyu Oil Painting Anthology was published by the Shanghai People Fine Arts Society.  In September 1992, Shanghai Art Museum held a special 60 year retrospective exhibition for him.
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