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He Wen-Jue was born in Hunan, China.  He has attended the 9th Oil Painting Research of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and was elected as the most ten greatest young artists of Hunan Province of the year 2000.

Through painting water’s nature – formlessness and eroding power, He Wen-Jue gains unprecedented pleasant and comfort.  Water is rapid, and so is its relationship with simmers.  They entangle, intertwine just like the society and generation we live right now.  The rapidness of high technology and human’s slow pace has become a distinct contradiction; hence, human gradually lose their self-control.  Meanwhile, he depicts a trace that human blindly search for.  It is rough and bumpy, symbolizing life’s rise and fall.  There lays an explicit heart longed so strong for people to recognize and realize.  He Wen-Jue chose the expression of water and human fighting to each other to present how people strive in their lives.  This straightforward idea somehow delivers a profound meaning of returning to innocence.

(Excerpted from “Waters in Streams, River, Lakes and Seas – On Paintings of He Wen-Jue” by Huang Liao-Yuan)
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