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Hsu Yu-Jen is considered as one of the representative figures of Taiwanese Modern Literati Painting.  He is a student of Lee Chung-Shang when studying in National Taiwan University of Arts, and has been to New York for short-term study, learning the spirit of Western modern painting.  After experiencing the impact between Eastern and Western art, Hsu aggressively developed his personal style of painting.  Based on his plain personality, viewers are fully touched with stable, concise but tough idiosyncrasy in his creation.  Moreover, Hsu’s painting subjects are mostly concerned with land.

After years of groping, Hsu regards ink painting to be one that can express naivety the most.  He uses original elements as starters to make painting form a documentary of his life appearance and symbol.  Points and lines are randomly composed together, which depict thin, hard, dry, and tough spirit, resulting a combined artistic mood of both abstraction and realism.  Throughout painting, Hsu transfers fantasy into living creatures that derived from environment, and then giving each of them an individual living space on canvas.  All in all, the consciousness of every living being is shown in a refined and direct way.
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