He Duo-Ling was born in Sichuan in 1948, and graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, where he majored in oil painting.  Currently, he is a painter of Chengdu Academy of Painting, Member of Chinese Artists Association, and most importantly – the representative artist of romantic realism in Chinese contemporary art.  During 1980s, works like “Spring Wind Has Waken Up,” “The Youth,” and “Snow Finch” aroused a sensation in art circle.  Later, he was awarded with Silver and Bronze Prize of “National Art Exhibition,” and then received “The Monaco Government Prize” at “The 22nd Monte Carlo International Art Exhibition (1987).”  In 1992, He Duo-Ling’s new work “Summer” showed that he made a breakthrough of using dual space in his painting, and that the work style developed closer to Chinese classicalism.  As a matter of fact, He stands in an irreplaceable status in contemporary Chinese art history.  The uniqueness, preciseness, and exquisiteness finely deliver what classic quality means in Chinese art.  Till now, He Duo-Ling continues to explore the possibility and diversity of realism.
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