In 1909, Francis Bacon was born in Dublin, Ireland.  In 1929, he was experimenting with watercolors and drawing and mainly self-taught.  At age of 36, he became famous due to exhibited Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion in Raphael Gallery group exhibition in London, which delicately reflected the inner pain people suffer in war.
Bacon took the human figure as his subject matter at a time when art was dominated by abstract styles, and he was most well known for reinterpreted famous artwork to express his personal emotional state, such as “Study from Innocent X” (reproduction of Diego Velazquez’s) would be a prime example.  His painting style is bizarre, vicious, and violent, and mostly depicting twisted and grim face and human figure to convey his intense sentiment.  In 1971, Connaissance des Arts ranked Bacon to be the head of top ten artists at that time, and he was one of the most individual, powerful and disturbing British artists of the period following World War II.
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