Sandra Fabie-Gfeller has held five solo shows since 2003 and her works have been featured in an exhibition in New York in 2003 and in the Larasati Auction in Singapore and in Jakara late last year.  Gfeller started painting in watercolor, acrylic and oil by copying photographs in books and magazines.  She trained under leading figurative expressionist Onib Olmedo, and later, in San Francisco, CA, attended classes of portraitist Bob Gerbracht.  Sandra Fabie-Gfeller's works are based on the premise that from the moment we're born to the second before we die, we are in between the where-from and where-to.  Time does not wait.  While portraits and paintings attempt to summarize a time period into stillness, the images are an attempt to follow time.  This is a visual diary of moving form-- gestures by a lone figure captured by the one-second shutter speed of a camera.  The images thus reinterpreted in a painting.
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