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Hsu Pi-Hua was born in 1957 in Taiwan, graduated from College of Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, and majored in Art History in University of California, Berkeley; and Painting in Boston College.  After coming back from the U.S in 1993, she embraced Buddhism, began her creation in various fields such as floriculture, writing, and all kinds of cultural Art events.

Her works are feminine and full of liveliness, couching the inner meanings of Zen.  She was commented as the impressionistic artist whose works contain the most quality of literature, music and philosophy.  From 1982, she has created her original works restlessly.  She had held more than 10 solo exhibitions and had participated in international exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Belgium, etc.  Her works have perfectly combined the Eastern Philosophy and what she absorbed from Western culture, lives and sense of beauty, conveying the multi-cultural spirit and unique humanistic impressionism, which had won many collectors’ hearts worldwide.
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