Chen is considered the genius in the art world of Taiwan.  He was born in 1906 in a farm village in Taipei, and he went to Japan in 1924 to learn painting under the influence of Kinichirou Ishikawa.  He went to Tokyo Art School, and died of sickness in 1931.  His teacher commented him as “The first person of Taiwan’s art world.”  His death and the death of another artist Chen Cheng-Bo are considered the biggest lost for Taiwan’s art world.

The 20s is when the World War I was over.  After the violent opposition against Japan and the cruel violent quell from Japanese government, some non-violent associations were established.  Chen was born with outgoing characters who likes to take leadership, he was naturally becoming friendly with socialists, and was expelled from school because he was involved with a students’ striking event in 1924.  However, with his passion towards arts and help from his teacher Ishikawa and Shiotsuki Homosuke, Chen had managed to pass the exam and entered Tokyo Art School in Japan in 1925 to learn painting.  He composed “Chi-Shing Art Group” with his contemporaries Chen Cheng-Bo, Ni Chiang-Huai, Lan Yin-Ding, and Chen Ying-Sheng, which is the first oil painting group in Taiwan.  From 1927 to 1931, he was elected continuously to “Tai” Exhibition, Emperor Exhibition and “Tai Yang” Exhibition.  After “Chi-Shing Art Group” was dismissed, Chen started “Chi-Dao Group” and its exhibitions with Chen Cheng-Bo, Liao Chih-Chun, Kuo Po-Chuan, and Ran In-Ting.  In 1931, merely 26 years old, Chen came back to Taiwan and passed away after he participated in the Third Chi-Dao Exhibition.
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