Chang Ling was born in Hualien, Taiwan.  He studied at École Nationale Beaux-art de Bourges of France, and started to get in touch with European contemporary art.  In 2000, he transferred to École Nationale Superieur Beaux-arts de Paris and studied art from Professor Christian Boltanski, Jean-Luc Vilmouth and Jean-Marc Bustamante.

As Chang Ling says, “’Flesh is the pronoun I used for art. I set my starting point from this idea, and then develop five issues called ‘Streaky Pork’ series.”  Chang Ling uses meat, as the dominant element, to form out images of landscape and arms.  Red paint is like blood, but he never wants to present cruelty and violence.  Instead, he transforms meat and blood into luxuriant feelings and strong desires.  Meat suggests desires, so its dashing color excites human senses, then presenting some concealed violence.  Like Chang Ling describes, “Our natural landscape has already been deprived by human’s selfish desires. What I did is only presenting the remnant reality.”
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