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Chan Yu was born in 1982 in Hong Kong.  Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2005, he participated in the First Oil Painting Exhibition in 2003.  He attracts many attention when he was merely a student, who had received many prizes of important exhibitions in school, and is invited to hold exhibitions in France, Singapore and Djakarta.  Chan uses single color as the basis of the painting, and creates the figures by piling two or three colors upon the canvas.  The result is similar to “Multi-Exposure” in photography and works of pop art master Andy Warhol.  His works convey the uncertainties of humans, looking acid, distances, which is exactly the portrait of how we modern people suppress the complicated self and loneliness.  Throughout Chen’s unique and observant sight, it reminded us to rethink the value and meanings of our existence in this world.
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