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Born in Tianjin in 1922, growing up in Beijing, Wang Lan started learning painting in early childhood.  After the outbreak of Lugo Bridge Incidence in 1937, Wang quite Hebei Fine Art School which he was studying at that time to join the army.  The days fighting with the Japanese enriched his life experience, making him a great novelist.  His novel “Blue and Black” which writes about a touching love story during the war time was adapted to TV series in Taiwan.  Wang had been doing cultural occupation such as journalist, editor for years; besides, his paintings are widely known and collected in the world as well as his international exhibitions were held for several times.  Wang’s life, from the novel “Blue and Black” to the paintings can be described as two pens ; a writing one for the reports and the novel and the other painting brush for the Chinese opera figures in his work which are delicate and full of joyful rhyme.
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