Sheu was born in Tainan, Taiwan and graduated from Chinese Culture University, majoring Western painting.  He received strict and complete training from the Taiwanese old masters such as Kuo Bo-Chuan, Lio Gi-Chun, Lee Shi-Chiao and etc.  Sheu has been passionate since student hood and has won awards for couple of times.  His “Gongfu” series created in 1974 when studying in Paris which depicts Taichi Chuan by delicate brushes was highly praised by a great French designer.  In 1975 when Sheu returned to Taiwan, he brought back Surrealism skills as well, turning a new page of modern art in Taiwan at then; in 2000, he founded Post-Cubism Society.  Sheu presents amazing dynamic vision on 2D canvas by overlapping point of view and multi-quadrant space, summoning new lives in those created images.  He had served as the president of Hua-Gang Art School and the Chairman of Department of Fine Art at Chinese Culture University.
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