Born in Hubei, China in 1949, Su was admitted by Central Academy of Fine Art majoring oil painting in 1984.  Later in 1984, he won the Germany Culture and Art Scholarship and entered Dusseldorf Art Academy for further study in art.  During his 20 years in Germany, he reunderstood the surrounded things from a brand new point of view and gradually realized the interactive relationship among the painting materials.  In 2005, he returned to China; by coincidence he found the ancient Chinese painting lacquer, which made him suddenly and greatly inspired.  He then, started trying to spill it on burlap and tile and since then, he had never stopped creating lacquer pieces which are tranquil and solemn, vigorous and thriving in momentum.  It’s just like bathing in a wonderful creek where the East meets the West when appreciating Su’s strong yet elegant, textured yet harmony art works. 
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