Xie Feng-Sheng (b.1938-2009) is an outstanding gouache painter.  His birth was humble; at the age of 17, he went to Kaoshiung learning gouache and portraits with Chan Fu Yun, starting his art career of gouache.  Three years later he went to Taichung learning with Lin Chi-Chu, who had already become famed at that time for advanced studying in gouache; it was the time he developed out his own style.  Xie’s life was economically highly improved later when the number of collector rose because of the general booming economic in Taiwan, he even assisted Lin Chi-Chu to found the Society of Gouache.  Xie’s painting style is just like his personality which is sincere, calm and steady, preferring warm and modest color, emphasizing prospective and layers of color usage.  He won many domestic exhibitions for several times and served as the chairman of Society of Gouache and the judge of provincial exhibition as well.
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