Huang Ming Chang’s work “Parents’ Love-Lotus and Paddy Series,” presents the lotus and buffalo at the center of the paddy field.  A field full of liveliness, full of green pastures, and an abundance of sunlight filled with peaceful serenity.  This represents the working culture of the Asian paddy fields.  The artist’s work eases the viewers fatigue on its visual effects and also soothes their desires.  An almost close to reality work makes people feel like they are actually living within the painting, overlooking as far as the eye can see are all elements of naturalness.  As a viewer enjoying the beauty of the painting, it’s almost as if we are taking in all the land’s essence; close up, and every corners single detail are definitely able to compare with the contingent’s discovery.  We can see every leaf and every lighting transformation and can also feel the sensation of the light breeze that rustled by the slight activity.

Although the painting seems more realistic compared to a photo, but with how the artist captured all the good and excluded all the bad creating a powerful force, it’s as if putting a microscope on New York’s popular culture on realism.  Gazing at these bright pastures, under Huang Ming-Chang's brush he opens a door to a magical fate: the wind blowing, the bird soaring over the sky, people walking, a generation drawn ahead, a piece of work, a symbolism of the totem totally captivates the description by script and song being sung.
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