Graduated from the Department of Sociology of Soochow University.  Chang Li-Yeh received some awards in novel and poetry competition.  After completing military service, Chang started painting oil painting, and drawing illustration for living.

Chang’s early work is of obscurity, inner explosion, and continually expresses its inner energy - a style lightly affected by Vincent Van Gogh.  Distortion and exaggeration are often seen in his paintings.  Chang uses the same techniques to draw, but the coloring has a lot changes - brighter, and stronger color.
“Betelnut Girl” is a series with quite shocking with sensational impact.  It presents a special view of freeway, which is exclusively in Taiwan, and a kind of untamed wild atmosphere.  He paints betel nut girls is not to criticize them.  On the contrary, he believes that they are victims of the society, blood and purulence that flow from sick society.
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