Born in 1968 in Hebei, China and graduated from the Art Institute of Hebei Normal University.  In 1999, he attended the 9th National Art Exhibition and the 2nd Chinese Silk Screen Painting Exhibition in 1994.  In 2005, he joined Song Zhuang and first Chinese Song Zhuang Culture Art Festival Exhibition.  Later on in 2006, he attended the Chinese Song Zhuang Ink Exhibition and became a contracted painter at the “Ink Alliance.”  Due to the rising influence of this group, Chang also became one of the most cutting edge logos for post modern calligraphy painter.  Experiencing numerous years of passion and exploration for contemporary Western art, his work reflects an instinct and sense of identity towards traditional Chinese culture.  After reflecting on the process of study and understanding; then going through the process of ink patterns, thus creating a mysterious yet visual scene.  He then constructs an elongated consideration towards cultural values and self-comfort.
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