Chen Jia-Rong was not an art major.  After graduating from National Taichung First Senior High School and recommended for admission at National Taiwan University (Department of Medicine), he received the degree 2 years later and went to further develop his career in the United States in 1967 at NYU (Department of Neurology).  Due to his love for painting as a child, during college he was active in art clubs at NTU art society and Greenfield community.  During the period of residing in the States working as a doctor, he still painted and held his first solo exhibition in 1975.  Chen Jia-Rong’s background as a doctor created several topics about life, medical and countryside life.  Painting materials touched watercolor, pastel and oil painting.  He challenged large sized canvases and in 1990 created “Source of Life” which was 30 meters long and 20 meters wide.  His creations contain implicit characters, flowers and birds that are half abstract.  With separations and extended techniques, he constructs a dense, lyrical and soft visual effect.  Chen Jia-Rong’s creations began around 1984 and he holds exhibitions in Taiwan every year.
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