Born in 1930, Hainan, China.  Immigrate to Taiwan in 1949 and in 1954 graduated from the Fu Hsing Kang College majoring in Art.  He's artwork based on traditional Chinese culture and have used Western modern art techniques and media to present the image of his paintings.  Since 1961, he has participated in important exhibitions such as the countries of Brazil Sao Paulo Biennale, but dramatically he quit painting in 1963.  In 1985, he returned and performed a personal show at American Cultural Center in Taipei exhibitions, then successively in Shanghai, Japan, China, Nanjing, Beijing, participate in group exhibitions held in Taipei and various exhibition.  He is an exceptional award-winning performance of the Ninth National Art Exhibition 1999, China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).  And received the Excellence Award in 2004, the Tenth National Art Exhibition in Beijing, China and selected outstanding artworks.  Chen determined to nurture talent in the arts, and established a Hainan Art Fund in 2006 to cultivation of outstanding young artistic in Hainan college art students.
藝術家歷屆拍品 進入過往拍品列表