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Xu Wen-Tao was born in Wuhan in 1968.  He graduated from School of Oil Painting, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts with Master degree in 1999 and worked as a teacher in School of Oil Painting, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.  He also awarded the 7th Luo Zhong-Li Scholarship by Taiwan Art Foundation in 1999.  Xu Wen-Tao’s work is based on the human body as a medium to articulate ethical issues - values and taboos such as freedom of opinion and this manifestation of changes is a key theme for the artist.
He questions and criticizes certain developments of contemporary social and human issues.  Moreover, he wants to express another conflict: in Xu Wen-Tao’s work the optical refraction is a symbol for unexpected changes with its uncertainty and ambiguous relations has caused a big discussion about Chinese ethical order.
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