Studied at Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1942.  He entered the 7th annual Imperial Exhibition with the art piece “Streets of Chiayi” and one of the first artists to join this exhibition with a Western painting.  In the following year, he used Chiayi as the art subject and painted “Streets in Summertime” to enter the 8thannual Imperial Exhibition.  He was the first artist to be recognized by Japanese officials not only shocking the Japanese art world as well as Taiwan.  After graduating in 1929, he went to teach at Shanghai, China.  During his stay in Shanghai, he had more opportunity to be in touch with Chinese paintings and at the time he especially liked art pieces of Ni Yu-Lin and Ba Da Shan Ren.  You can see the influence they brought reflected on his paintings.  In 1933 he returned to Chiayi, Taiwan and his personal style gradually grew steady and mature.  There is a fresh subjective narrative consciousness and hometown flavor.  During 1947, he passed away due to the 228 incident and died at the age of 52 years old.
藝術家歷屆拍品 進入過往拍品列表