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Born in Shenyang, China, Wang is one of Chinese new generation artists, graduated from China Academy of Fine Art in 2007, major in New Media Art.  Wang had been invited to many domestic and international exhibitions and art fair included: Art Beijing 2006, Shanghai Art Fair 2006, Shanghai International Art Fair-Contemporary Art 2006, Scope New York 2007, Scope Miami 2007, CIGE Beijing 2008, etc.
Wang’s symbol of painting is strong and impressive of the Cartoon Generation.  The cartoon characters which he created have a crystal-like skin, a gleam in the eye.  Lacking of the sense of belonging is another characteristic for those born after 1979.  As one of the products of One Child Policy in China, Wang endures the oppressive loneliness and have a strong self-awareness.  He expresses his belief by depicting details, and constructs a bridge to communicate with viewers.
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