Born in 1942 in Chunghwa, Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan Normal University in 1967.  He attended a lot of major art gallery exhibitions within the country and in foreign countries also.  From 1983 up until the present day he has been actively attending different various model setups of worldwide art exhibitions; like the National History Museum Taipei, Taiwan, National Museum in Seoul, Korea, Art Center of San Francisco, California and Xin Bin Dock in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.  Jan has a nickname in the history of Taiwan’s painting as the “Taiwan modern art teacher,” his works breakthrough the bondage of traditional Chinese culture and also incorporating commonly used nude ladies in western art to provide a topic for Asians that have a traditional concept towards these types of paintings.  These types of painting topics are mostly connected with different types of body language, various visual effects of naked ladies as a main topic and also use a vast method by hand to emphasize the subjects’ sense of existence.  Utilizing the nude lady’s bright, rich and refreshing color blocks, etc. to emphasize and accentuate a woman’s posture and figure.
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