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In 1979, Xu Mao-Mao was born in Urumqi, China and graduated from Xian Academy of Art with Oil Painting major.  She now lives and works in Beijing Since 2002.  Her major exhibitions are: Next Station, Cartoon?  Contemporary Painting Exhibition; Post 70’s: The Generation Changed By the Market at Mingyuan Art Center & Beijing Today Art Gallery in 2005; Naughty Kids at Beijing’s Star Gallery in 2006, and Fairytale – Xu Mao Mao Solo Exhibition, ONE AND L Gallery, Korea.
Xu’s oil painting creation could not be categorized as cartoon or reality, and her style has been greatly inspired by Japanese comics and would like to express wonder world through her creation.  However, people are so stressful in the modern society that viewers could easily sense slight sorrow and sadness in her paintings.
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