Hung Tung, born in Tainan, was considered the representative figure of autodidactic art.  Due to his family condition, Hung was illiterate for not going to school during childhood; therefore, he had worked as a fisher, psychic, and many different jobs for living.  On his 50-year-old birthday, he suddenly grew interests in painting.  In 1972, his works were reported on Hansheng Magazine, and thereafter resulted in a “Hung Tung Crush” during 1970s.  He held the first solo exhibition at Taipei U.S Information Agency in 1976.  When the exhibition was over, he left his family for concentrating on creation.  Despite the fact that there were always visitors requesting on his paintings, Hung Tung, nevertheless, insisted in selling none of them.  He died in 1987 at 67 years old.  Within ten something years of painting, Hung Tung chose subjects and elements from the impoverished living condition.  His self-learning path leads to a strong, powerful spirit on canvas, whereas the painting style is naïve, colorful, and playful.  The exquisite form is actually a fun combination of the reality and imagination.
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