Born in Shanghai in 1917.  Zhang began painting when he was 4 years old and entered Shanghai Training School of Fine Arts in 1930.  He was taught by Liu Hai-Su, Ni Yi-De, Wang Yuan-Buo, etc.  In 1945, he traveled to Lyon, France to learn art and was strictly instructed in Western traditional oil painting.  He experienced Impressionistic shadow and lighting usage of colors.  In 1950, he taught at an established event “Oriental Painting Studio” and shed glory in Shanghai and throughout the nation.  In 1958 he attended Oversea Cultural Exchange and received great review throughout Europe and the United States.  At the time, other artist’s that exhibited included Lin Feng-Mien, Li Ke-Lan, Yian Wen-Liang, etc.  He passed away in Shanghai in 2000.  Zhang’s art pieces combined classical Realism, Impressionism and Late Impressionistic qualities.  Through brush strokes, motifs and lines you can feel the rich Chinese emotions.  Especially on the free brush techniques and bold colors, all reveal an appearance of messiness yet possessing an unique creating style.
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