Alcuaz was born in Manila, Philippines in 1932.  He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at the University of Philippines.  His model professors were Fernando, Guillermo Tolentino and several other national level artists of the Philippines.  In 1955, he received a scholarship at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pursue his studies at the Academia de San Fernando; not long after he moved to Barcelona.  During his period at Spain, Alcuaz received several awards including 2nd place at the Barcelona’s 4th annual Tarrassa Biennial (1964).  His recognition was not only received in Spain but in 1964, the French government awarded him a presidential honorary medal in the areas of decorative arts, philosophy and science; commemorating him on the excellence of success in visual art.  Currently, Acluaz’s art has been collected in over 20 essentially cultured organizations and museums thus receiving an international art recognition and respect.  Alcuaz, Federico Aguilar is well known for his abstract paintings in the international art field.  The concept of his abstract paintings is traced back to Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and other masters of Cubism.  He was also influenced by Dali’s surreal paintings which blended with an extreme personal style.  This art piece contains two structural image and cross compiling of geometric patterns on canvas.  It also uses simple lines and bright color placements.  It precisely delivers an artist’s innermost thoughts through shapes and colors.
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