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He has opened up nine different restaurants, and at the age of 30, he decided to become a full-time artist.  It was becoming artist-in-residence of “Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station: Art Network of the Railway Warehouses in Taiwan” that Hung launched his art career.  One of the two major features in Hung Yi’s creation is the constant usage of primary colors – red, blue, and green; and the other feature is that the sculpture’s highly original style well speaks for Taiwanese visual language.  In all, his inspiration comes from everyday surroundings and life experience.  Important exhibitions include: 2004 “Art in Taiwan, Interesting Taiwan,” Huashan Art District, Taipei; 2008 “A Chance Encounter with Hong Yi,” Xue Xue Gallery, Taipei. Besides from participating in domestic and international exhibitions, Hung Yi also displays many of his artworks for public art where people could see those energetic, splendid sculptures.
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