Guo Hsueh-Hu was born in Taipei in 1908.  He is one of the most important artists of Taiwan’s Japanese Colonial Period, and also a pioneer of Taiwanese glue painting.  While the 1st Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition held in 1927, Guo Hsueh-Hu, Chen Chin, and Lin Yu-Shan were the only three Taiwanese artists selected into the exhibition.  Therefore, they received a name called “Three Youngsters.”  In particular, Guo Hsueh-Hu is the youngest among three of them, and is the only one who learned to paint by himself.  On January 22, 2008, Guo Hsueh-Hu received the 27th Executive Yuan Cultural Award by the age of 99.

Since The Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition, Guo Hsueh-Hu has painted many delicate glue paintings that full of Taiwanese local scenery.  After 1932, he started to seek elements that can simplify his painting, creating eye-catching visual effect from those common and local images.  As for technique, he chose very classic way to present a fresh unique style with distinguishing colors, and therefore offers a true local aesthetic value for Taiwan New Art Movement.  Even though Guo Hsueh-Hu later on moved to Japan or the United States, not only does he never stop creating glue painting, foreign scenery even provides him with different subject matters to make further advance for painting.
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