Chiu Hsi-Hsun alias name Shan Ba.  Born in 1938 in Tungshiao Township, Taiwan.  As a child, he indulged himself in painting and during his student years he was drawing paintings and illustrations in newspaper and magazine articles as a source of income.  His art work is exaggerated and humorous, simple brush that entails deep meanings is one of his specialties.  In 1978, in order to make a breakthrough, he attempted to paint with asphalt.  This art piece is made up of average people, including irony and humor.  It goes without saying that “the attractiveness of asphalt is its brightness and the infinite experimental possibilities.”  In 1981, he traveled to America and lived around the Soho area of New York.  His asphalt art became popular and he was invited to parts of US, Canada, France, Italy, South America and etc. countries to exhibit.  He was greeted by the Pope at the Vatican in Italy and personally interviewed by President Clinton in Taiwan.  These two public figures appear rather vivid and brilliant.
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