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Born in Beijing, China and graduated from Hangzhou Art Academy in 1941.  He was an instructor at his school and studied with Ling Feng-Mien and Wu Da-Yu.  In 1948, he travelled to Paris and was influenced by Abstraction, exploring Western Modern art and thus holding exhibitions in Paris, USA, England and Sweden.  He inherited the merits of Chinese traditions, extracting Chinese calligraphy’s elegant lines and landscape charm skillfully fusing on canvas.  He creates a new field in Modern art avoiding old forms.  No stamps and no inscriptions, attentively comprehending ancient people’s praise towards Nature and life and forming a new style of his own.  He became one of the most influential artist of Paris School after World War II and an exceptional Chinese artist in the Western art field.  In 1981, he exhibited in the French Grand Palace and received an honorary award.  In 2002, he was awarded a scholar by the French academy and his art pieces are vastly collected by museums and private collectors all over the world.
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