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Born in Taiwan, Wu completed bachelor degree from the National Taiwan Normal University and master degree from Spanish Royal Academy of the Arts.  He was mentored by Liao Chi-Chun and Lee Shi-Chiao during his time at college.  He has traveled a lot around many undeveloped areas and has worked on many of his earlier works in Africa, Central and South America, the North Pole, and South Pacific Area.  He then held many exhibitions in Asia, Africa, America, and Europe.  Wu’s works have strong expression about various cultures around the world, and build his style by original abstract expressionism.  He has appeared in many books, such as “Xuan-sai Three Essays,” “Legends of the world,” “The Legend of the South Pacific,” and “Thousand Miles Dust.”  He was selected as one of the Best Ten Taiwanese Youth Award in 1978, the Wu Sanlang Art Award, and Order of Arts and Letters.  Wu currently lives in France.
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